We use Sunbrella fabrics. They are steeped in top quality dyes during the actual manufacturing process, when the acrylic is still liquid. As a result, the fabric’s yarn is colored all the way to the core so its original vibrancy lasts on and on.

There’s absolutely no comparison to ordinary procedures whereby the yarn or fabric is simply dipped in dye which therefore only penetrates the outer layers. The finishing treatment applied to all fabrics resists liquids and dirt, making them extremely easy to keep clean year after year.

Unaffected by Sunlight

GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread maintains its strength even after regular exposure to UV sunlight. UV resistance is built into the thread, and is not a coating or additive that can wear off.


GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread remains flexible and strong in extremes of hot and cold. It won’t absorb water and it resists acid rain, salt water, pollution, snow and freezing.

GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread will outlast the fabric into which it is sewn. Gore guarantees it!*

Using GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread tells ​our​ customers that they are buying a premium product built to last with durable seams and a brand that’s backed by more than 25 years of experience from the company that invented it.

To help you promote the benefits of GORE® TENARA®Sewing Thread, Gore has industry-leading marketing support and materials.

Easy to Clean

GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread is unaffected by acids, alkaline solutions, bleach and cleaning chemicals and it will not stain.

Colors Will Not Fade

Made with non-fading pigments that are highly resistant to light, the colored thread retains its bold appearance over time. GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread is pigmented–not dyed. Due to its exceptional material properties, TENARA®thread is extremely color-fast.

​Seams are often the #1 failure point on a canvas project. We make that concern go away!​


Our Awnings collection plays up color coordinating and cross-range decorating options thanks to an original concept of product segmentation. Following the lead of today’s interior decorating success stories, solids, stripes and jacquards.

Boat Covers

Every day, most boats endure a cycle of temperature and humidity changes, from cool and damp nights to hot, dry bright sun. That’s why a good boat cover is so important. A modest investment in a cover prevents faded and oxidized gelcoat, bleached and cracked wood, mildew and mold. It hides valuable equipment from theft, because what’s out of sight is out of mind.


Stylishly extend your living space and gain protection from the sun.

Custom Covers

At your outdoor kitchen or by the pool, our fabrics give you the sophisticated style you want with the protection you need.

Enclosure Systems

Custom designed​ ​aluminum storefronts. Heavy duty doors & hinges available in single and double doors. Herculite wall systems and doors. We can get you finishes in white, black, bronze, clear aluminum to name a few​.​ 5 year workmanship warranty​.​

Pool Cover Repairs

New pool covers run into the thousands of dollars. Extend the Life of Your Pool Cover. At Texas Canvas we can repair your damaged cover for a fraction of the cost.

Signs & Banners

We specialize in all types of Vehicle Wraps and Graphics. We also offer Interior and Exterior Dimensional Signs, Full Color Banners, Real Estate Signs and Installations, ADA Signs, Trade-show Graphics, Channel Letters, Storefronts, Window Graphics and Mobile Billboard Services.

Truck Covers

High Quality Materials used in all of our truck covers. Great Protection from damaging weather and theft. Wide Selection of Sizes to accommodate your truck. Easy Installation with our lightweight cover construction. Low Cost Prices on all of our durable truck covers.